Digitaleye3 is another collection of digital photos taken by creator Peter Snopix Higgins who has been creating all sorts of imagery for almost 40 years now.

“Photography for me, was was like the next step and natural extension to my already strong desire to express myself through creativity.

A journey that started when i went travelling in 1976, little did i realise at that time how the exploration of my own mind for images to bring into reality, would turn into a life time addiction for me. 


All of the images here are part of a much larger portfolio of work. You can see more of my creativty at if you are interested in high quality canvas prints of the images, email for more details.

There are also my digital art books “Digitaleyes and Snopadelia” and my novella I’ll be Dammed (All are available at Amazon and the email above), with the latter “I’ll be Dammed” being the story of when I first had the idea to try to express myself through creativity. a tale set mainly in Amsterdam Netherlands and not to be missed by all those who enjoy the darker side and pleasures of life!