Snopadelia 5 is the continuation of the kallide-a-scopic adventure into the imaginery powers of creator Peter Snopix Higgins, who having mastered the power of Photoshop software, then in using it, he has developed his theory of combining design colour movement to produce his own brand of stunning, rythmic-imagery, which is an envisionment of pure light of pure energy, that will leave you breathless in its depth, complexity, invention and beauty!

The collection of images in this book are just a small sample of a technique that has opened my eyes up to an endless adventure in creativity, which i am still exploring today.

If you would like to see more of my work go to There are also my other digital art books “Digitaleyes”, my digital photo book “Digitaleye” and my novella “I’ll be dammed” which is the story of when i first had the idea to try to express myself through creativity. A tale set mainly in Amsterdam, Netherlands and not to be missed by all those who enjoy the darker side and pleasures of life!

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if you would like to know more about me, my work. or you are Interested in high quality canvas prints of the images, please contact me at the email above.