Digitaleyes 3 is the continuation of Photoshop and Illustrator images from the vivid imagination of creator Peter Snopix Higgins, who having drawn, painted and taken photos for almost 30 years was introduced to this software  and has been lost in their complexity ever since!

For me the discovery of creating digitally took away the physical restraints of using paint and canvas, allowing me to take my creativity to a level I could never have dream of when I started my creative adventure in1976.

All of the images here are just part of a much larger portfolio of work.

You can see more of my creativity at If you are interested in high quality canvas prints of the images email for more details.

There is also “Digitaleyes” the book which contains a much larger collection of my digital art and “Snopadelia” my second digital art book. Also my digital photo books “Digitaleye” and my novella “I’ll be Dammed”. (All are available at Amazon and the email above). The latter “I’ll be Dammed” being the story of when I first had the idea to try to express myself through creativity. A tale set mainly in Amsterdam, Netherlands and not to be missed by all those who enjoy the darker side and pleasures of life!