London based creator Peter Snopix Higgins, started his creative journey when he was living in Amsterdam, Holland during the baking hot summer of 1976. Which has now turned into an over 40 year creative adventure leaving him rich in wonderful works of art. 
Through drawing, painting, photography,digital art and most recently 

his first venture into the written word with the novella “I’LL BE DAMMED”. Which is the story of that roller-coaster ride and life changing summer in 1976, when he first had the idea to try to express himself through the creative medium. It is a tale of such enormity for him it would explode his life forever, and is a must read for anyone who enjoys the darker side and pleasures of life! ( And is available at amazon.co.uk) He also has 3 books of his digital art “DIGITALEYES”, “SNOPADELIA” and “DESTINED”, and “DIGITALEYE” a book of his digital photos. For more details about him and his books Email snopixx@hotmail.com